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Poor Boy Tactical (PBT) started out in 2014 as a local Facebook classifieds ad for locals to sell their privately owned firearms. Since then, the founders, a father and son from Cumby, TX, gained great pricing through connections with manufactures of firearm parts. They decided to start a legitimate business doing what they loved to do. Poor Boy Tactical, LLC was formed in November 2015. When the son called his father with the "guess what I just did" call. Since then they have both been working on building PBT from the ground up. No loans or credit. Both father and son are still currently driving semi-trucks, and self investing into PBT.

Message from Co-owner Jeremy Abbott (the son).

PBT is not a big company. We still operate out of garage. Meaning our prices will be lower due to no overhead. We have no store front. The longer we can keep our costs low, the longer we can keep selling at lower prices. I promise if you purchase one of our builds you'll want another.


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